Sunday, November 14, 2010

Views of Erebus and Other Things

Open water on the Ross sea. The ice edge is about 19 miles from McMurdo which is pretty close for this time of the year. Photo by Travis Moose

Nick Salava doing work high up. Photo by Travis Moose

Wrecked helocopter on the side of Mt. Erebus. The crash occured in 1971, and no one was hurt. Photo by Travis Moose

Nice photo of the Erebus Ice Tongue by Travis Moose

Erebus from the sea ice

The view of Erebus from Happy Camper

Big Razorback on the sea ice with Erebus in the background. The dot in front of the island is Big Razorback camp which is made up of about four fish huts. The researchers study seals there.

Cape Evans with the road leading to Cape Evans Hut. This was Shackleton's hut. There are two big icebergs protuding from the sea ice in the foreground.

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