Saturday, January 8, 2011

MAAG Fashion Show

MC's Phil & Traci

Marty Dukes and his Stupendous Juggling of Doom

Friday, January 7, 2011


MAAG - McMurdo Alternative Art Gallery is one of the funnest parties of the year. It's held in the Carp Shop on Christmas Night. There is art, music, performance art, costumes and this year a fashion show. It is a good time.

This entranceway was my contribution to MAAG this year.

Travis Mooses's "Wolverine" muttonchops

Spsarky's MAAG barbershop

Toby's chainsaw art

Tim Nicotera's sweet submarine

The Jamesway arch see-saw with Shawn Kennedy, Travis Moose and Robin Carrosceau

Moose's carousel in progress in the foreground

Marty Dukes juggling later that night

Eli's bowling alley

Jeremy Stephen's beer suit

Jeremy's Beer Can Toilet Smash Game

Fabio Fabilicio

Michal, Sheri, Joolee and Bill

Mel Li

The awesome barbershop quartet

Dry Valleys

Mark Farmer, Robin Carroceau and I flew out to the Dry Valleys in the new Kiwi helocopter for a day trip to maintain the polar havens.

An incredible beautiful day

The Canada Glacier

Lake Bonney Camp from above
Lake Bonney Camp

Robin crossing the moat

Blood Falls frpm above