Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Heading North

Leaving today (Feb. 16) on a Air Force C-17 heading back to New Zealand, or redeploying as they call it here. It has been a good but long season, and I, like most everyone else, am ready to leave.

I've added some pictures from my last two field camp trips. Enjoy.

WAIS Divide Deep Field Camp

A final toast as we prepare to close and leave WAIS Divide. We were the last camp standing.

Winter Berm storage. This is to prevent the pallets from drifting over with snow during the long winter.

Dr. Charlee McClellans "Artic Oven" tent. Skiway markers are visible in the background.

The Carps

Just after condition 2

Condition 2 (Condition 3 is normal, Condition 1 is don't go outside)
Jonathan Castleberry-Scott

Me in front of the Arch. Here the scientists are drilling down through the ice to study the gas in the ice cores to learn about the earth in past years. It goes back about 100,000 years. They have reached 3330 meters so far. This is the deepest US ice core in the world.

It is flat white here, except for the man-made winter berms.

Robyn and Angela

The Artic Chief - this is the Carp's warming tent, lounge, etc.

A fine fishing hole. Hold on Dr. McClellan, looks like you've got a big one!

Angela and a "dead man" - these are what we bury in the snow to anchor the RAC tents, the dead man that is, not Angela, although Angela would probably work just as well.

Lake Bonney in the Dry Valleys

Hooking Helo loads

Mark Miller, electrician, and the Bonney Camp Jamesway

Tourists at Blood falls

Taking down a Polar Haven

Angela with the Taylor Glacier and Blood Falls in the background.

Dr. Charlee McClellan, the most interesting man in the world

Happy Hour at the Lake Bonney Yacht Club