Saturday, December 11, 2010

BYRD Deep Field Camp

Thanksgiving dinner

I was on the second flight scheduled to go to BYRD to set up the camp. We ended up being delayed about two and a half weeks and so ended up spending Thanksgiving out there. The five carppenters on the first flight had there hands full. After being delayed they discovered that crates had been blown off the winter berm during the winter. These are very heavy crates. Three crates containing Kuma stoves were completely destroyed. The carps spent three entire days digging boxes out of the snow. Yea, lots of fun. Then they had condition one weather for a couple of days where you can't leave your tent let alone work. They had been there for a total of two weeks when the weather got better and allowed another four of us to come in. The camp was very happy to see us. We were lucky and had pretty good weather and were able to finish setting everything up in a week.

Thanksgiving spread in the galley. Rob and Tom were amazing cooks

Tent City

My tent

One of the outhouses

Setting up Jamesway vestibule

Setting up the "Tweedy" tent

Setting up the Galley RAC tent

The "Chief", the carps warming tent and hang out place

Havoc on the winter berm

BYRD Carps

Sparky, Laramie, Wyoming


George Harrison, Gunnison, CO

Grey Davis, Sandpoint, Idaho

Kristen Lamberson digging "deadmen"

Rob Holtry, St. Louis, MO, previously Key West

Jeremy Stephens, Wyoming

Ben Satterwhite, Ops GA


Tim Burns, Montana

Kristin Lambertson, aka Sparky

Grey Davis

Rob Holtry

George Harrison

Aaron Barbee

Jeremy Stephens

Carpenters waiting for the Air Force C-130 to take them back to McMurdo