Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More MAAG Pictures

Wall of Catastropic Failure back bar. Photograph by Holly Troy

Translucent dance screen. Photograph by Holly Troy

The goat path up to the shop. Photograph by Holly Troy

A dangerous type. Photograph by Kresly Gunn

Up the goat path to MAAG at the Carp Shop. Photographer unknown

A beautiful, warm night for a party. Photographer Unknown

The Centrifuge of Excellence. Photographer unknown

The Carp (carpenter) Shop. Photographer unkown

Jamesway Arches. Photographer Holly Troy

Sean Cornish's Newton's Balls made out of bowling balls and Jamesway arches. Photographer unkown

Front of the shop. Photographer unkown

Tim Nicotera's submarine. Photographer unkown

Nick in the Centrifuge of Excellence

Amy & Stephan on the goat path. Photographer Holly Troy

Jamesway arches pathway at the top of the goat path

Anna prayer wheel. Photographer Holly Troy

Jonathan's video machine. Photographer Holly Troy

Jinga! Photographer unkown

Mel Li & Sharona Thompson. Photographer Holly Troy

The Heavy Shop's light brite set made with glass bottles. Photographer Holly Troy

Sunday, December 25, 2011

MAAG 2011 - McMurdo Alternative Art Gallery

MAAG evil monkey entrance sign made by me

Well, it was another great MAAG party this year. MAAG which is held in the carpenter shop is part art gallery, part party and a whole lot of fun. We hold it on our Christmas Day here which this year fell on Sat., Dec. 23. People contribute artwork, performances, sculptures, etc. Very loose interpretation of art which basically means anything goes. Very high energy. I left at two am, dancing went on till three.

We are still trying to get to PIG (Pine Island Glacier) Deep Field Camp. Weather and mechanical problems among others have plauged the camp put in. One passenger flight has made it and the traverse arrived to groom the skiway. The second (first carpenter flight is again scheduled for this morning. I am on the third flight. One reason for the two week + delay may be is THAT PIGS DON'T FLY!
Travis Moose's Centrifuge of Excellence (aka the gerbil wheel) Moose is in red shirt spinning the wheel, Graham Love as the gerbil. There was a box of hardhats and a first aid kit next to it.
You know, for kids.
Nick Romano (aka Rick Romero) and his girlfriend Tera.
Carps playing Beer Checkers. We take our checkers very seriously here.
Entrance to MAAG with Tim Nicotera's (aka Dr. Sawzall) sweet submarine in the foreground and Eileen Szeto's (aka DZ) awesome fire breathing, rocking (literally) dinosaur.
Sean Kennedy, electrician foreman, as Nacho Libre. Mui bueno senoir.

Robin Carrocia in fashion show outfit. The "hair" are shavings left over from drilling holes in steel from shop work and the rest is tires. Robin is actually a male 200 lb. Fleet Ops driver, so the costume was really pretty amazing and quite slimming.

Fuelies Brian and Seth aka the Swede.
MAAG bartenders Handsome Rob and Pullstart in front of the Wall of Catastropic Failure.
Paul Stewart, Kiwi of course.
Jeremy Stephens and his Jamesway scooter
Solomon West of the BFC
Me sporting my Raybans, sweet mustache trim job and borrowed chapeau.
Legendary Boozy the clown makes an apearance

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Couple of Antarctica Snapshots

A gorgeous day on the road to Happy Camper (aka Snow Craft School)

The view to Mt. Erebus from the Ice Runway as weather come in.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Mad Max Party

Last Saturday the fuelies had their annual Mad Max Party which based on the three Mad Max films with Mel Gibson: Mad Max, Road Warrior and Beyond Thunderdome. Everyone had on their best post apocalypse fashion. Lots of sharp metal, guns and whatever anyone even remotely thought of as being appropriate. Here is some guy in a kilt, Hillary of Science Cargo, Karen Joyce of Crary IT and me.
photographer unknown

South Pole Ice Tunnel

In a few days it will be the 100th anniversity of Amundsen of Norway reaching the South Pole for the first time. A lot of "tourists" are showing up at the pole for the occasion including the King of Norway. This is not him but one of my bosses Geordan McQuiston. He is seen here in the ice tunnels below the pole holding a thermometer which reads 65 degrees below 0. This is where all the water and sewage lines run and is forty feet below the surface. Geordan and a crew of three or four carpenters went there recently to put up a couple of RAC tents to serve as a gift shop/store and information center. If ya got tourists, ya gotta have a store.
photo by Jess Ackerman

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Current Fuzzy Photo of Me

Lisa Keller, fuels operator, snapped this picture of me yesterday returning jerry can fuel nozzles to the fuels barn. The fuelies affectionately call them donkey "appendages", if you know what I mean.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Views From a Helocopter

One of the great things about this job is some times you get to fly to work in a helocopter. This is one of the glaciers in the Taylor Valley.

Lake Bonney Camp from above.

Close up of one of the ubiquitous company issued orange bags.

The Ferrar Valley
The Ice Runway on the Ross Sea

Fuel tanks at the pass and the road to Scott Base.

McMurdo Station. The long buldings on the left are the Upper Case Dorms. My dorm is 211. Of the two brown shorter buildings in the middle of the picture, 211 is the one on the right. The big building in the lower right corner is Building 155. It houses the Galley, store, computer kiosk, finance office, two ATM's, Human Resources, Housing, and REC (recreation office) along with first year dorm rooms. Basically the main building on station.