Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lake Bonney Polar Havens

Dave Story, Tirzah Juskalian and Robin Carrocia styling their Big Red jackets.
Robin Carrocia, Tirzah Juskalian and Dave Story in casual wear.
Fashion by Carhart on Lake Bonney
Getting ready to head to the West Lobe to put up a Polar Haven tent.
Dave Story, aka Mombok, very happy.
Robin Carrocia in Halloween headgear.
Celebratory halloween at the Lake Bonney Jamesway.
Preparing dinner on Halloween.
Four runner transportation at the narrows of Lake Bonney.
Tirzah taking here sled and going home.

Robin and Tirzah. Tirzah was sporting the one piece pink snow suit at work all day on Halloween. Robin did not wear her flashy headgear all day because she is just not a team player.

All our gear
The Polar Haven frame is up. Tirzah is working the Kovax drill to make V-loop anchors in the lake ice.
West Lobe Polar Haven Floor which rests on jacks so that as the ice melts under the jacks, the floor can be leveled.

The West Lobe of Lake Bonney with the Taylor Glacier and Blood Falls in the background.

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