Saturday, September 17, 2011

Crary Lab Tour

Crary Lab touch tank. It's kind of like an Antarctica petting zoo full of strange creatures - and I'm just talking about the people from the carpenter shop.

In The Carp (Carpenter) Shop

Nickie and Tirzah in Condition 2

Tirzah Juskalian thinking inside the box

Nickie Gerome and her field camp toilet seat production

Carps playing Dominoes after work in the shop

Flomax fuel pump winter berm storage boxes for Siple Dome Field Camp

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Return to McMurdo

View from the Carp Shop deck

Carp Shop at 7:30 am with crescent moon and Ob Hill

The Christchurch Earthquake

It takes about a week from when I leave home to get back to McMurdo. We spend three nights in Denver for training and then two nights in Christchurch before flying to the Ice. It is not the same in Christchurch after the February 2011 earthquake that killed 200 people and devastated the downtown. The city center is still closed and many buildings have been torn down. It's sad to see how hard Christchurch was smacked down, but the city and it's people are resilient.