Monday, November 22, 2010

Ob Tube (Observation Tube)

Robyn with our bikes and the dicovery hut, McMurdo and Ob Hill in the background.

Still trying to fly to BYRD deep field camp after a week of moostly weather delays, but I think that we may actually fly today.

Last friday Robyn C. (also known as Robyn with a "Y", as there are two Robyns/Robins in the Carp Shop who happen to be roommates) and I got a what would normally be an ordinary work order of fixing a window in a fish hut next to the Ob Tube.

It was a beautiful day. We took a shuttle as close as we could get to hut point and then walked down. We investigated the situation and then walked the fifteen minutes back to the Carp Shop. We did this twice and then went to lunch. After lunch Robyn had the idea to bike back to the hut which we did. Pretty nice day already, but it gets better. While we were there, the divers showed up and were preparing to dive and so we went down in the Ob Tube to watch them underwater. We photographed them , and they photographed us. Some days are better than others and this one was amazing. Well, I'm off to BYRD like a prom dress after a quick breakfast in the galley.

Waiting to go in the Ob Tube on a different day.

Robyn and her new seal friend in fish hut #6

The divers getting suited up in their dry suits

My pictures of the divers taken from the Ob Tube

Us inside the Ob Tube. It hangs about twenty feet below the ice. It really is just a big tube. Not thre best picture. You can see Robyn, my hat, but Val is obscured. The tube is not real big. Tight with two, so with three it is a wee bit cozy.
The diver's pictures.

Good work if you can get it!

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