Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Disco Dance Bar

MAAG, McMurdo Alternative Art Gallery, is an annual party that has been held in the Carp Shop for the last two years. We totally transform the shop into an art space for all different kinds of art. People are encouraged to let their creative side come out and do whatever they want, however they want. There is some wild and crazy stuff.

Tim Nicotera's plywood suit jacket

Little Meat Cabin on the Prarie

Abstract #2, actually the top of the paint room work table

Galen's Bacon Santa

The Disco Dance Bar extravaganza.

Galen and I built an entire room onto the exterior deck of the shop. We filled it with a bar, a mirror ball, black lights, colored lights, fans, a strobe light, day-glo colors. We served a concoction of champagne, vodka and tonic water. Tonic water contains quinine which glows under black light. It was a fun, fun, fun time. I left at 11:30., the Disco Dance Bar was hopping till four in the morning with disco and funk music blasting away.
Jim Rupple, Shop Foreman, in the Disco Dance Bar

Day-Glo bar

The exterior space in the light of day that was turned into the Disco Dance Bar. It was completely taken apart in two hours.

What's a Disco Dance Bar without a pair of zebra skin platform shoes?

Anna, Cricket and Jade's opening act of living puppets

Mel painting people Kelly, and other people, blue.
Jeremy and Woody on the giant seesaw made out of Jamesway parts

Sean's giant Newton's balls

The bowling alley building is almost completely torn down, but these bowling balls will live on in Sean's work

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