Monday, December 31, 2012

ICESTOCK Dec. 31, 2012

 On New Years Eve we have our anual Icestock concert outdoors. 4 pm till 1 am. Eleven  bands in nine hours. Most of the people in front of the stage here are carpenters getting ready to watch fellow carps play onstage.
 "Mother Tucker and the Snocats" (A Tucker Snocat is a big, snow grooming tracked vehicle that is used down here, specially in the deep field camps.) Eric Kroeger on vocals, Jim Rupple on guitar and Geordan McQuiston on bass. Jim ad Geordan our our bosses.

 Sawbucks is a fishhut that the carp shop uses to serve coffee with special sauce to concert goers.
 Captain Ed and Sparky, barristas
 Robin and Sparky
Garrett, Rachel and Sean, carps, enjoying the Sawbucks deck.

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