Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mt. Erebus - Lower Erebus Hut

Moose and G. Love working on top of the Lower Erebus Hut

We took a helocopter ride up to the Lower Erebus Hut to open the camp. Now you might think that there would be a Higher Erebus Hut, but you would be disapponted as there is only one. We were just there for the day. The hut sits at 13,000 feet, the temperature was 32 degrees below zero when we there and it got a bit windy in the afternoon.

On the upside it is a pretty cool place. Mt. Erebus is the southern most active volcano in the world. You can see it from town, and the helo ride gives you some great views. Another bonus is that I get to go back this week. It might not be for everyone, but it's a dream job. Graham Love works on top of the the hut while Erebus smokes away in the background.

Travis Moose with wind sock

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