Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Last Bowler in Antarctica

I've had an interesting couple of days at work. Because the building where it was housed was condemned last year, I've been taking apart the bowling alley to put it in storage for future re-use. The alley is two lanes and was built in 1961 by the Brunswick company and is one, if not the only, hand set bowling alley still in use in the world. It is the end of an era and a lot of people are pretty sad to see it go, but it hopefully will be reasembled in the future. I and another carpenter were the last persons to bowl on these lanes before it was dismantled. Demolition is always fun, but this was a rare treat. Kind of like taking a big, wooden puzzle apart. The top picture is of the mechanical pin setter that volunteers would load after each throw. Slightly dangerous job as you don't want to be standing there when a ball hits the pins, but hey, this is a harsh continent as they say down here.

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